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Salam Alaikum السلام عليكم

Looking to travel in style while sticking to your Muslim lifestyle? Halal holidays, a new niche in the travel industry, was created to make Muslim holidays or Islamic holidays a truly unique experience. We’re here to guide you through the options available out there which will make your holidays experience unforgettable and above all, proper halal. You will also find:

  • Reviews for the best halal restaurants and halal hotels (or Islamic hotels) around the world
  • Halal Booking information
  • Halal friendly airlines
  • Destination reviews for the dream holidays for Muslims
  • Other information on Islamic tradition

Halal tourism has recently become an increasingly popular sub-sector within the travel and holiday industry, yet often neglected and underestimated. Islam is not a mere religion, but a way of life. Many Muslims want to follow this lifestyle in every single moment of their life and would never give it up just for the sake of relaxation. A Muslim knows very well that Islam is not enforced, or at least shouldn’t be. It is a religion, philosophy, way of life that is embedded within our heart and soul. Islam is not oppression, it is spiritual freedom for both women and men. A halal-friendly holiday option is becoming of vital importance for all those who don’t want to be forced to adjust to another way of life during their Muslim holiday break. Either in the safety of their homes or on the beach under the burning sun, they still want to feel Muslims. In addition to Muslims, there are those of who, charmed by the Islamic tradition, would like to experience a true Muslim break during their holidays. This is a website friendly to all people from all backgrounds, regardless of whether they follow the Islamic path or not.