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Feel At Home on Holiday


When on holiday, it is important to keep family and friends updated back home if you’ve arrived at your destination, what time you’ll need to be picked up when you travel back and to share photos and videos with them.

Although we go on holidays for a break, we can’t help but check on social media to see what others are up to and show others what we’re doing whilst on holiday. To do all this you need a SIM that will work whilst you’re at your chosen destination and one that will not give you a scary phone bill at the end of the month.

We looked into UK network providers that had the best SIMs and mobile contract deals to use when travelling abroad. For us, there was a clear winner based on one of the advantages you have if you’re on holiday using their SIM – this was network provider Three.

If you get a SIM only deals from Three, you can enjoy their fantastic Feel At Home initiative which allows you to keep on roaming whilst on holiday and not worry about a surprise bill once you get home. The way it works is; the SIM uses your monthly allowance to use data and call and text UK numbers. All you need to do to get set up is; order a Three SIM and activate it on pay as you go or a pay monthly deal and start using it on the device of your choice.

Three’s Feel At Home covers 71 destinations which include many Muslim friendly countries – some which we’ve covered here on Muslim Break such as; Italy, Slovenia, Malta and Spain.

The full list of Three Feel AT Home countries can be found here and you can order a SIM here to make you feel more at ease when sending media and messages whilst on holiday. And if you need some inspiration on where to go next, why not check out our top Muslim Halal Holiday destinations to give you some ideas.

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