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Halal Car Rental

halal car rental muslim break

Halal Car Rental: which companies are Muslim – friendly?

As a halal holiday goes, you want to feel that your entire holiday experience is halal. Halal car rental is not a very widespread term, as it’s being explored by many entrepreneurs. Most non-Muslim business owners tend to associate ‘halal’ with food or hospitality as a whole, however, little has been mentioned about a halal environment in car rental.

Is halal car rental truly a necessity, then? Although the answer is a purely personal matter, there are certain companies which could be characterised as Muslim customer orientated. These, of course, do not belong to the big 4 (Avis, Budget, Europcar, Hertz) but as many would expected, are local businesses, operating in Muslim countries. One of them is, ironically enough, ‘Halal Rent A Car’ in Lebanon as well as ‘Trust VN’ in Vietnam.

The above could be classified as ‘halal car rental’ or simply Muslim friendly, not for any other reason but because of their own background, they understand the needs of the Muslim customer better than any other Western – based company would. In addition, certain companies that offer drivers as well as vehicles, either or prefer, or for diversity policy reasons, employ Muslims. That said, companies such as Uber are known to have Muslim employees in its majority, particularly in the UK.

Halal Car Rental

halal car rentalAs far as Western car rental companies are concerned, little has been said about being Muslim – friendly or not. Out of the big 4, one has suffered from a discrimination-related incident, and this was Hertz, when, in 2011, the company suspended Muslim workers who wanted to pray during working hours.

Although this is perhaps a matter of expected cultural conflict, it had a great impact on how the brand is perceived by Muslim customers.In any case, for Muslims who wish to rent a car in a non-Muslim country, we would suggest making known their special needs and requirements to the respective car rental company. In case, for example, they would rather be in a car where no pork or non-halal food has been in the vehicle, or, perhaps, request Islamic music. As for companies that offer drivers as well as vehicles, Muslim customers can kindly request to hire a Muslim driver.