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Halal Friendly Airlines

Halal Friendly Airlines

Halal Friendly Airlines

Picking the right airline plays a vital role in your whole holiday experience. As a Muslim you might want to make sure that the airline you are flying with accommodates all your special requirements. The last thing you want to see is a ham sandwich or a carbonara on the flight menu, especially when the flight is more than 5 hours long. Complaining is not in our nature (or at least shouldn’t be), but why not pick your airline carefully, just to be on the safe side? Even though not fully Shariah compliant, most major global airlines are adjusting they way they operate to offer top class customer service to Muslims.

There are many Middle Eastern airlines that offer a halal flight menu, but many others from Western countries do so too. Below is a list of the top halal friendly airlines that will never let you down.

Halal friendly airlines

Well, it’s no surprise here. If a brother doesn’t take care of a brother, then who will? These airlines’ menus are designed by Muslims for Muslims, so whichever airline you end up flying with, the last thing you’d have to worry about is being served a pepperoni pizza. I can assure you, even the oxygen masks in these airlines are halal.

Qatar Airways: The state-owned carrier operates in more than 140 destinations across all continents and has more than 150 aircrafts. Among several dietary options (vegetarian, vegan, diabetic etc.) it offers a fully halal menu, completely free from haram products.  Qatar Airways a member of the Oneworld alliance, the first Gulf airlines to sign with one of the three airline alliances. Definitely one of the most popular to Muslims halal friendly airlines.


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Etihad Airways: With its headquarters in Abu Dhabi, Etihad is the second largest government owned Emirati carrier and the third largest in the Middle East. Clearly Islamic-orientated, besides offering a fully halal menu, passengers can consume Islamic media content, such as audio prayers or relevant video material. One of the highlights is that the entertainment screens show regularly your distance from your final destination but also your distance from Mecca!


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British Airways: Though halal meals may not be available on all flights, British Airways generally do follow a halal friendly policy, as they have many Muslim customers. Request halal meals on Comair operated flights at least 48 hours before your flight departs.


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Qantas Airways: Recently crowned as the safest airlines in the world, Australian Qantas knows how to keep their customers happy. It is the flag carrier airline of Australia and due to its multicultural character, it offers, among others, a fully halal meal on request.


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Virgin Atlantic: The second most important British carrier, Virgin offers halal meals on all flights, regardless of the destination. The airline’s Muslim-friendly menu does not contain pork or alcohol or derivatives of these products. The meat used is 100% halal.


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