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Muslim Friendly Halal Accommodations

Wome Deluxe Hotel Review

Wome Deluxe Hotel is a five star hotel built in the beautiful landscaped gardens of IncekumTabiatParki. It covers an area of 120,000 m2. It is situated at the beach front with a magnificent view and is [...]

Villa Omrm Review

Villa OMRM is one situated in Kalkan, Turkey in the quiet and calming Islamlar village. It has a peaceful and relaxing surrounding with a great view and is surrounded by refreshing and green countryside. It is [...]

Villa Hulya Dalaman Review

Villa Hulya is a lovely 2 storey, stone villa built and furnished keeping in mind the needs of a relaxing family holiday with smart ergonomics and wonderful aesthetics. The four bedroom villa with huge windows and [...]

Villa Citrus Dalaman Review

Villa Citrus is a lovely, cozy summer home situated in a valley of Dalaman, Turkey. The 3 bedroom villa is nestled in a breathtaking spot with a stunning view of the Turquoise Lake from its rooms [...]

Villa Alya Boutique Hotel Review

Villa Alya Boutique Hotel is an exclusive boutique hotel situated in the resort town of Marmaris, Turkey. The hotel consists of a number of private three bedroom deluxe villas each with its private pool, making it [...]

Turquhouse Boutique Hotel Review

Turquhouse Boutique Hotel is the finest hotel in Istanbul with exciting and breathtaking views. It has a unique atmosphere with comfortable and quality environment. Turquhouse Boutique Halal Hotel is surrounded by several beautiful sights. It is traced in [...]

Tugra Suit Hotel Alanya Review

Tugra Suit Hotel is one of the many finest places for the Muslim tourists to spend their halal holidays at. It provides you with the beautiful view of Turkey just 50m away from the hotel. With [...]

The Sky Tower Hotel Review

The Sky Tower Hotel Akcakoca is the only halal beach resort on the west coast of the Black Sea in the small town of Akcakoca, Turkey. The resort is situated at a stunning seafront location, giving [...]

The Ikbal Thermal Hotel and Spa Review

The Ikbal Thermal Hotel and Spa is a luxurious holiday spot in Afyon, Turkey. The city is popular for its thermal baths and the hotel caters to the needs of guests looking for a halal holiday [...]

The Grand Ozgul Thermal Holiday Village Review

The Grand Ozgul Thermal Holiday Village is a magnificent hotel situated in the historic city of Afyon, Turkey. Afyon, famous for its vast opium fields, ‘Turkish Delight’ and its thermal baths, attracts a large number of [...]

Sultan Beach Bodrum Hotel Review

Looking for a halal vacation spot? Sultan Beach Hotel is popular in the Bodrum City and can be a great place to land and relax, where you can enjoy beautiful view of the Aegean Sea as well [...]

Silver Palace Hotel Review

Silver Palace Hotel is one of the amazing hotels to spend your vacations and enjoy the halal holidays you waited for. It is the finest hotels with great standard of services, quality and facilities where you [...]

Selge Beach Resort and Spa Review

Looking for a halal beach resort in the locality of Manavgat, Antalya, Turkey? Selge Beach Resort and Spa is the answer. Being an attraction not only for Muslim Tourists for its attractive halal facilities it’s also [...]

Sealife Family Resort Hotel Review

I  The Sealife Family Resort Hotel is a family friendly hotel which is full of activities for all the family to enjoy. Its facilities range from water sports, canoeing, games room, kids clubs and much more. [...]

Rizom Holiday Village Beach Resort Review

Halal style Rizom Holiday Village Beach Resort located in Yalova, also known as Rizom Tatil Koyu, in Turkey on the Eastern Coast of Sea of Marmara provides Muslims with a relaxing yet halal holiday services. It [...]

Rast Hotel Istanbul Review

I Are you fond of historical places and the cultures and traditions of a country or an empire that existed hundreds of years ago? Rast Hotel in Istanbul offers a great sight and view of the city [...]

Piynar Villa Hotel Review

To spend wonderful vacations in Marmaris Turkey, located  in Turunc Hotel Piynar Villa is one of the finest choices to enjoy the holidays. Privacy and calmness are guaranteed in Piynar villa hotel, set in amid amazing [...]

Modern Saraylar Hotel Review

If you want to enjoy the relaxing halal holidays in Turkey Modern Saraylar AlanyaHotel is one of the finest high-class resort hotel that is located in Alanya’s Avsallar District exactly on the forest front with beautiful [...]

Where is Turkey?

Turkey was founded in 1923 and is situated between West Asia and Eastern Europe, so you get to experience a mix of both Eastern and Western culture in the country that is home to over 80 million people. Ankara is the capital of Turkey, but the place that is probably mistaken as the capital is Istanbul, which is the largest city in Turkey.

Which religion do the people of Turkey follow?

You don’t get as Muslim friendly as you do in Turkey where 99% of the country follow Islam. There are people from different backgrounds living in Turkey too, such as Arabs, Kurds, Jews etc.

How many mosques are there in Turkey?

Turkey has over 80,000 mosques, so you’ll have no problem finding a place to pray, especially as the call of prayer can be heard from anywhere. Turkey also has one of the most recognised Mosques in the world called the Blue Mosque. It’s given that name as the interior is covered in blue tiles. It’s been ranked #3 in top things to do in Turkey, so it’s one to see if you’re in Istanbul.

What type of food can you get in Turkey?

All food in Turkey is halal and although the food varies depending which part of Turkey you go, breakfast usually includes cheese, olives, tomatoes, cucumber, sausage and even soup! Lunch and dinner consists of soup again followed by kofta (meatballs), doner (meat made on a rotisserie) which are served with rice and salad. Aubergines, spinach and lentils can be found in a lot of the vegetarian dishes. Baklava and kunefe are probably the most popular desserts in Turkey.

What are Turkish hammams?

One thing to try whilst in Turkey is the Turkish hammam (bath). It consists of relaxing in a warm room, moving on to a full body wash, followed on by a massage and then back into a relaxing room. The spas are Muslim friendly as there are separate entrances for women and even some women only spas.

Which cities to travel to when in Turkey?

You will most certainly enjoy a halal holiday in Turkey as it’s Muslim friendly and halal friendly when it comes to your surroundings, food and things to do.
The most popular destinations in Turkey are:

Halal holidays in Ankara
Halal holidays in Istanbul
Halal holidays in Antalya
Halal holidays in Cappadocia
Halal holidays in Caykara
Halal holidays in Yalova

You can find all inclusive holidays in Turkey that are family friendly too when you’re looking for halal hotels. Read our reviews of halal hotels in Turkey, including the luxurious Deluxe Golden Horn Sultanahmet Hotel in Istanbul or treat yourself to a relaxing break at the Ikbal Thermal Hotel and Spa in Afyon.

Whether you’re looking for family holidays or all inclusive holidays (or both!) there are plenty of halal holidays to choose from.