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One of the most popular destinations for Muslims who would rather visit a non-Islamic country is Bosnia & Herzegovina. The country is located in the Balkan region (Southeast Europe) and more that 50% of its population is Muslim. Halal holidays in Bosnia grew very quickly as a sector in the country, not only as a way to attract inbound tourism but also accommodate the domestic one.  There are plenty of facilities available for halal-conscious travellers who choose to make Bosnia their holiday destination. Apart from the traditional Balkan exquisite architecture in Sarajevo, Mostar, the cultural capital of Herzegovina, the Muslim tourist would be awed by the harmony in which mosques and churches coexist in Bihac.

Halal holidays in Bosnia is a travel niche that has been continuously developing due to the increasing popularity of the country as a holiday destination among Muslims. Over the last couple of years, most hospitality businesses in Sarajevo are acquiring a halal certificate. Hollywood hotel is one of the most prominent ones that acquired halal certificate in June 2014 and has, since then, been making the most out of it, by accommodating the needs of Muslim guests.

Top places of interest for halal holidays in Bosnia:

  1. Ferhadija Mosque
  2. Emperor’s Mosque
  3. Ali Pasha’s Mosque
  4. Gazi Husrev-beg’s Mosque
  5. Karadzozbey mosque

Bosnia is a rather peculiar case of European country. Islam seems so natural, harmonious and anything but marginalised. If you are a Muslim and already have visited most of the Arab countries what you need is a new challenge. Bosnia is a place that can give you this challenge and take your perception of halal tourism in a whole new level.

Muslim holidays in Bosnia is an indication of the fact that not all European countries reserve anti-Islamic feelings. To experience a Western society where Islam lives in peace with Christianity or other religions, make Bosnia your next halal holidays destination.


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