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Malaysia definitely tops the rankings of top halal friendly destinations in the world. Halal holidays in Malaysia is a unique experience for Muslim tourists given the country’s incomparable historical and cultural heritage as well as their ‘expertise’ in halal hospitality.

Such is the zeal of the Malaysian government that they created a special service dedicated to halal tourism. And no wonder, given that Malaysia is one of the pioneers in halal hospitality. It is the country that came up with the ‘halal certification’ back in 1974, in an effort of the Research Centre for the Islamic Affairs Division to define halal criteria in food products.

Malaysia’s infrastructure is a clear proof of Islam’s adaptation to the contemporary society without having to give up the traditional values.

If there is such term as halal tourism or halal food, is because of Malaysia’s initiative. Of course, this achievement would have been impossible without financial infrastructure;

Malaysia’s constantly growing economy. At the same time, its general social and political stability, allows a contemporary form of Islam to flourish. Malaysia is a proof that Islam is not an old-fashioned and outdated religion, but can rather very well adjust to today’s society, contributing to social progress. It all started in 1974 when the Malaysian Government came up with the ‘halal certification’ which determined the global halal standards for food and products. From the 70s until now, halal holidays in Malaysia gradually evolved into a massive industry in with an estimated global market value of $2.30 trillion. The savvy, culturally orientated yet modern Muslim can find all she or he has been asking for. Non-mainstream holidays with a touch of Islamic taste, all inclusive halal holidays, numerous halal resorts and Islamic hotels.

Going on halal holidays in Malaysia, doesn’t really feel like anything different than normal holidays. In fact it feels like the Malaysian tourist industry itself was naturally evolved to ‘halal’ based on the country’s cultural and religious heritage.