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Halal holidays in Turkey is a well-established niche in travel industry for the past few years now. Muslim families and couples from all around the world but also domestic tourists go to places like Antalya and Marmaris to enjoy a dream holidays for them; a great place for Muslim family holidays and a vacation where they won’t have to quit their Muslim lifestyle for the sake of relaxation.

Turkey has two big unique selling points in the halal tourism industry; it is a Muslim country and at the same time a leader in the global hospitality industry.

Halal holidays in Turkey is the thing to do for Muslims around the world – particularly the ones from the Middle East. But why Turkey?

There are many other countries that offer halal resorts but not such a wide range of options as in Turkey.

Halal holidays in Turkey is also at the top of Muslim women’s list. It is, indeed, one of the very few places in the world, where women can ‘let their hair down’, in their own safety net. The private, women-only, beaches offer them the chance to enjoy the beautiful waters and golden sun, without having to wear their burkini. Women-only spas and pools are also an option that almost every halal hotel offers.

Although not exclusively, halal holidays in Turkey is something that is usually available in coastal tourist resorts such as Antalya and Marmaris – purely because beach holidays is a sector that halal holidays can expand on.

A couple examples of resorts in Turkey that fully embody the Muslim ethos are Angel’s Peninsula Hotel in Marmaris and Adenya Beach Resort in Antalya. If, however, beach holidays is not your cup of tea, the whole country is a great choice for Muslim tourists, especially the ones who want to experience the Ottoman side of Islam. Istanbul, Konya, Gaziantep are also a few of the numerous Islamic jewels of the country.

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