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Halal Holidays in Gozo | Muslim Holidays in Gozo


Halal Holidays in Gozo

Under the slogan “sun, sea and halal”, destinations offer what has been termed “Halal holidays” – holidays that adhere to Islamic beliefs like no alcohol, certain foods not served and no exposure of body in front of who you have no relation to. Gozo is one of such places that have done well to make sure Muslim tourists make the most out of their halal holidays.

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Villa Ta Majsi Hotel

In the peaceful village of Gozo is Villa Ta Majsi Hotel which is near the world heritage site of the

Location: Ta' Majsi Farmhouse, San Lawrenz, Malta

Villa Esma Malta

Villa Esma is the perfect get-away for a halal vacation in the historic and, simultaneously, exotic

Location: Dar L-Arkati Holiday Home, Munxar, Malta

Villa Breeze Gozo

Villa Breeze is situated in Gozo, Malta and is one of the finest places to reside in if you are

Location: Gozo Island Villa, Santa Lucija, Malta