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Halal Holidays in Kuwait | Muslim Holidays in Kuwait


Halal Holidays in Kuwait

Kuwait, with its charm, is located in one of the most historic and contested regions of the world. The country is just as rich in oil as the other Gulf countries but it has managed to keep its ancient characteristic intact. This makes it a quieter region, not as luxurious as its Gulf counterparts. It's quiet nature is perhaps due to its distance from the other countries, which gives it a more authentically Arab feel. The country, although surrounded by desert plains, remains an oasis having wonderful beaches, halal restaurants and museums. 

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The Regency Kuwait SALMIYA

If you want to have the best experience when it comes to hotel stays whether for halal holidays or

Location: Salmiya, Kuwait

The Regency Kuwait Hotel

Looking for the luxurious halal holidays in Kuwait? Welcome to the very essence at one of Kuwait’s

Location: The Regency Kuwait, Al-Bidea, Hawalli Governorate, Kuwait