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Halal Holidays in Maldives | Muslim Holidays in Maldives


Halal Holidays in Maldives

Up until the 1970s, The Maldives was unknown for tourist travels and halal holidays. Now, however, the country’s steady improvement in the tourism sector has greatly affected the economy positively. Halal holidays in Maldives has therefore become a very promising destination for tourists, with its beautiful beaches, halal-friendly resorts and a wide picturesque view. Muslim families and couples as a result troop in to spend their holidays here.

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Fuana Inn Hotel

To enjoy halal vacations in Maldives, Fuana Inn hotel is the finest choice to spend

Location: Sunny Suites Inn, Malé, Male, Maldives

Newtown Inn Hotel

Newtown Inn is a boutique hotel located right at the focal point of Hulhumale town in Maldives,

Location: Newtown Inn, Malé, Male, Maldives