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Ajwa Hotel Sultanahmet
Ajwa Hotel Sultanahmet

Have you always dreamed about being able to visit a historical site that was steeped in history and full of rich and amazing culture? The Ajwa Hotel Sultanahmet is a halal hotel in a beautiful and historic area that will provide you with many things to do and a beautiful experience to write home about. If you’re looking for Halal Holidays in Turkey, this hotel is the best place to stay in.

General Information

  • Official Rating: 5 star hotel
  • Check In: Minimum check-in age is 18
  • Check out: Check-out time is noon
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When to Go To This Destination.

The mildest weather seems to be in June, with temperatures in the 70s Fahrenheit and minimal rainfall, so you are most likely to have the best experience if you go at this time of year.

How to Get There.

The nearest airport is Ataturk – European Side Airport, 12.9 km from Ajwa Hotel Sultanahmet. You can easily get there by taking a shuttle from the Airport.

Plan your Trip

Flights to Istanbul from £150

Book cheap car rental from £28

Book Your travel insurance from £8

Private airport taxi starts from £11

Things to Do

This hotel is located within the heart of the fabled Old City of Istanbul, which is a UNESCO World Heritage site. All major museums, Mosques and bazaars in the area are conveniently located within walking distance. This means that there is plenty to do to keep you busy during your visit! The hotel also features a spa for you to pamper yourself and immerse yourself in luxury.

Unique selling points

• You will stay in non-smoking rooms.
• Wonderful halal restaurant which is famous for it’s delicious food
• Airport transportation is easily available.
• The hotel’s unique location and setting provides guests with the opportunity to experience and explore all of the rich and exciting layers of history that surround this area, including the exciting legacies of the Byzantine and Ottoman eras.
• If there is a history buff travelling with your party, they will be in all their glory getting to explore the area surrounding this hotel’s locale!

Halal facilities

• The Ajwa Hotel Sultanahmet is located in the heart of Istanbul, and is conveniently located within walking distance of all major Mosques within the area.
• Halal food facilities are also available.

Contact details

Address: Emin Sinan Mahallesi, Piyerloti Caddesi No: 30, 34126, Sultanahmet/Istanbul, Turkey
Telephone: +90 (0)212 638 22 00
Email: info@ajwa.com.tr

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Whether you are coming from nearby, or travelling from across the world, the experience you are going to have at this hotel is going to be one that is going to be unparalleled at any other locale. From beautiful rooms, to a site steeped in history of the Byzantine and Ottomon eras, to fine dining and many mosques in Istanbul, markets, museums and bazaars all within walking distance, there is something here for everyone. There is even an on site spa if you find yourself in need of some pampering. If Turkey is on your travel itinerary this travel season, consider staying at the Ajwa Hotel Sultanahmet. You will not be sorry you did so.

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