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Burc Club Hotel Izmir - muslim break
Burc Club Hotel Izmir

Burc Club Hotel is a large halal hotel situated in the historic and populous city of Izmir, Turkey.
The hotel lies on the seafront, with access to the Pamucak beach which is one of the longest beaches of the country. The hotel offers different types of rooms, including with views of the beach or its lush green, vast gardens. Burc Club hotel is one of the best halal places to stay for people looking for a fun and comfortable stay in Izmir.


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General Info:

  • Rating: Rated at 4 stars
  • Board Basis: Full board
  • Open: All year round
  • Location: Pamucak coast, Ephesus district of Selcuk city, Turkey
  • Nearest City: Kusadasi (10 km)

When to go:

The best to go is in the summer season June- October to be able to enjoy the natural beauty of the outdoors, including gardens and the lovely beach.

How to get there:

Izmir is accessible by air from around the world; tourists can take a train, bus or rent a car to get to Sehluk and Burc Club Hotel from the airport.

-Nearest International Airport: Izmir (ADB) Airport, 60 km (1 hour)

Things to do

The town is popular for its 4000 year old history, huge markets developed in the populous city of Izmir and the Pamucak Coast.

Unique Selling Points:

  • Amenities in the rooms: Several different types of rooms available, Wifi, air-conditioning, French balconies, hair dryers, TV, minibar
  • Swimming Pools: Women outdoor pool with sea water and slide, indoor pool with heated water; Men’s outdoor pool with water slides, indoor pool with sea water.
  • Kids: Indoor and outdoor pools with men and women’s pools respectively
  • Sun bathing area with beach sand
  • Sandy mixed beach area (200m) for families with Islamic swimming dress code
  • Spa: Sauna, authentic Turkish bath and Spa segregated for men and women
  • Sports & Leisure Activities:usually include tennis, table tennis, football and beach volleyball.
  • Koran, prayer rug and Qibla direction in all rooms 

Halal Facilities:

Burc Club Hotel places high importance on the seclusion and privacy of men and women only areas respectively as well as serving Halal food and facilitating prayers.

Contact Details:

Address: Efes Antik Kent Yanı, Pamucak  Sahili, Selçuk / İZMİR
Phone :+90 232 893 10 84
Faks: +90 232 893 10 85


See all available rooms and deals in Burc Club Hotel Izmir

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