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Fatima Al Zahra Mosque in Sharjah | Mosque Fatima Al Zahra | Muslim Break
Fatima Al Zahra Mosque


Fatima Al Zahra Mosque



The Fatima Al Zahra Mosque is a new Mosque in Sharjah inaugurated in April, 2018 by His Highness Dr Shaikh Sultan Bin Mohammad Al Qasimi. He is the Ruler of Sharjah as well as a supreme council member.

The Mosque was built according to the urban development of the Emirate Sharjah and was inspired by Islamic architecture. It overlooks the clock square and can accommodate over 800 worshippers. It is located in Maysaloon area, at the city centre with an architectural design of Fatimid stone which entails covering the Mosque with large quantities of stone. The Mosque is one of the largest and most beautiful Mosques in Sharjah, UAE. It has two minarets, each four hundred metres. The ladies /women have a comfortable special prayer room and there is also a large parking space.

The Mosque features facilities such as:

  • A guard room
  • A Library
  • Special facilities for people of determination.

If you’re on a halal holiday in Sharjah and would like to visit Al Huda Mosque, here are the details you’ll need:


Address:  Maysaloon – Sharjah – United Arab Emirates


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