Goreme Mosque

Goreme Mosque

The Göreme Mosque is the most popular Mosque in Göreme. It is the main Mosque in Göreme. It was beautifully and intelligently built, designed with a minaret above the simple yet magnificent building. The Mosque is very close to The Bahceli Mosque. It is also one Mosque with the most beautiful interior designs.

Its prayer hall is huge and is able to contain a large number of people during prayers. The floor of the Mosque is fully carpeted with beautiful material. The environment of the Mosque offers a peacefulness and serenity that is most ideal for worship. The ambiance is also suitable for some personal prayers and meditation. You can meet new people who would be excited to know that you are a tourist on a halal holiday in Turkey. You will be warmly welcomed by the locals.

If you’re on a halal holiday in Goreme and would like to visit Goreme Mosque, here are the details you’ll need:

Address: Eminbey Sk., Göreme Belediyesi/Nevsehir, Turkey

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