Grand Hotel Sharjah

Thinking of spending your halal holidays in the United Arab Emirates so you can relax on the beach or hotel and just forget all your troubles? Grand Hotel Sharjah will help you do just that. It is located by the beach in Sharjah and just 16km from the Dubai gold soak. The hotel will turn your halal holiday into a holiday that you will never forget. Enjoy the well-furnished and air-conditioned rooms with modern amenities which have Wi-Fi and flat-screen TVs. The rooms also have amazing balconies for you to relax and enjoy the scenic view of the sea.

General information

  • Official ratings: 4-star hotel
  • Check-in: From 1400 PMs
  • Check out: From 1200-1400 PM
  • Minimum age-in requirement: All children are welcome at the hotel.
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When to go to this destination

The location of the hotel experiences deserts climate. Being near the sea makes it advantageous since the weather conditions are favorable throughout the year. You can visit the hotel anytime for your halal holidays in Dubai and it’s very likely the weather will be great! 

How to get there

The nearest airport is Dubai International Airport which is only 9.9 kilometers from the hotel. The hotel offer drop offs and pickups from the airport.

Plan your Trip

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Things to do

There are many things to do in Dubai. The location of the hotel enables guests to: 

  • Visit the Sharjah Aquarium which is only 800 meters from the hotel.
  • Go sunbathing on the beach and relax.
  • Shopping at the Al Qasba shopping area.
  • The hotel also has a swimming pool where you enjoy swimming with family and friends.
  • The hotel also offers a spa and wellness center where you can relax as you have your massage or even a spa session.

Unique selling points

  • The hotel is surrounded by great landmarks which enables it to attract tourists who want to explore.
  • The weather conditions around the hotel are favorable to guests throughout the year.

Halal facilities

  • All food prepared or served at the hotel is halal. You can also find amazing restaurants that serve delicious cuisines like the La Bamba and the Al Meena restaurant.
  • The hotel is also near Grand Mosque which is only 10.6km from the hotel.

Contact details

  • Mailing address: Al Meena Street, Al khan Beach, the beach suburb, Al khaledia Suburb-Sharjah- United Arab Emirates
  • Telephone: +9071 65937979
  • Website:
See all available rooms and deals in Grand Hotel Sharjah.


Holidays are meant for you to relax and create memories with family and friends. It’s a chance to get away from the hustles and stress in your day to day life. Grand Hotel Sharjah will give you the break that you need and will play a big part in making sure you have a great time on your halal friendly holiday

You’ve read all about this place and why it meets your halal needs, but if you want to continue with your search, there’s many more to choose from that all cater to those who are after a truly unique halal holiday experience. We have halal hotels, halal resort hotels, halal thermal hotels and even halal villas to choose from!

So, whether you’re looking for family holidays or all inclusive holidays (or both!) there are plenty of halal friendly holidays to choose from on Muslim Break.

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