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Hedef Beyt Hotel Resort and Spa, Selcuk | Muslim Break
Hedef Beyt Hotel Resort & Spa

It would be an experience to stay in one of the finest hotels in the world whenever possible for your halal holidays. This is why Hedef Beyt Resort Hotel  & Spa in Selcuk is preferred. 

In this establishment, one will get to experience the pinnacle of oriental culture.  Located in the heart of the city, this hotel will provide a safe haven for tourists and business travelers alike.  The attentive and accommodating staff will be there to serve the guests to the best of their abilities right away. This is why Hedef Beyt Resort Hotel & Spa is a must for your halal holiday in Turkey, specifically on a halal holiday in Selcuk.

General Information

  • Official Rating: 4-Star Hotel
  • Check in: After 4:00 PM
  • Check-out: Before 11:00 PM‎
  • Restrictions: Pets are not allowed
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When to Go to this Destination

It would be best to visit the hotel during off peak season.  This is because; prices would be lower and there’s always some type of discount available too. Summer months are packed due to the weather and school holidays.

How to Get There

This particular hotel is 54 km away from the Adrian Menderes Airport and vice versa.  If anyone wants to eat in various halal restaurants, they are well within the vicinity of the hotel.  In addition to this, it is just a 2 minute walk away from the beach.

Plan your Trip

Flights to Selcuk from £200

Book cheap car rental from £20

Book your travel insurance from £8

Private airport taxi from £7

Things to Do

You can find lots of things to do in Selcuk such as learn about the history of Turkey as a country through the magnificent structures and designs surrounding the hotel itself.  

Unique Selling Point

  • Surrounded by beaches.
  • Wellness spas, fitness facilities, sauna, steam rooms and massage rooms available.
  • Wi-Fi and Internet services available
  • Restaurants, cafes and snack bars are available within the hotel.
  • Room service facilities can also be called in to provide food and maintenance when necessary.
  • For children, there are game rooms and clubhouses within the hotel.  There are also self improvement activities for children such as painting and entertainment shows per season.

Halal Facilities

  • Food served is Halal.
  • Alcohol is not served here and not used for cooking either.
  • Mosques in Selcuk are a walking distance.

Contact Details

Mailing Address: Efes Antik Kent Yanı, Selcuk, Izmir,Turkey

Telephone: +90 232 893 10 84

Website:  http://www.hotelbeyt.com/


See all available rooms and deals in Hedef Beyt Resort Hotel & Spa.


If one wants to have an enjoyable time with the family, the Hedef Beyt Resort Hotel & Spa can definitely give what is needed for the family to truly enjoy their experiences while on vacation in Turkey.  

You’ve read all about this place and why it meets your halal needs, but if you want to continue with your search, there’s many more to choose from that all cater to those who are after a truly unique halal holiday experience. We have halal hotels, halal resort hotels, halal thermal hotels and even halal villas to choose from!

So, whether you’re looking for family holidays or all inclusive holidays (or both!) there are plenty of halal friendly holidays to choose from on Muslim Break.

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