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Islamic Culturale Center di Milano Mosque in Milan | Mosque in Milan | Muslim Break
Islamic Culturale Center Di Milano

Islamic Culturale Center Di Milano


The Islamic Culturale Center Di Milano (Islamic Cultural Centre of Milan) is a Mosque that was built in the 20th Century in Milan. The Mosque has been around for over forty years. It is an Islamic Centre that was organized for Muslims to pray in. The centre has separate rooms for both men and women, each of the rooms large and conducive enough for prayers.

The Islamic Culturale Center Di Milano’s atmosphere is pleasant and endearing, allowing you to meditate while soaking in its serenity. The Mosque and its environment are neat as efforts are put in to make sure of that. There are several restaurants around the Mosque that you can stop over to eat at after your prayers.

If you’re on a halal holiday in Italy and would like to visit Islamic Culturale Center Di Milano, here are the details you’ll need:


Address: Via Cassanese 3, 20090 Segrate, Italy

Phone: +39 02 213 7080

Website: https://centroislamico.it


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