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Kesik Minare Mosque in Antalya | Mosque in Antalya | Muslim Break
Kesik Minare Mosque

You can find Kesik Minare Mosque in Southern Turkey. It is also called Korkut Cami or Çumanim Cami.

In the 2nd Century AD, it was built as a Roman temple and then later transformed into a Byzantine Church to honour the Virgin Mary. After being damaged by an Arab invasion, it was repaired and later converted to a Mosque in the early 13th Century. This happened after the Sultanate of Rum acquired the city of Antalya, then the minaret was included in the building. In 1800, the building was ruined but the minaret remained, hence the name Kesik Minare (The Broken Minaret).

Kesik Minare Mosque is walking distance from the town centre. The Mosque is situated in the Old Town. The landscape of the area is picturesque; beautiful to spend time relaxing in. The peaceful environment is inviting and there are usually no crowds at the Mosque. It is also easy to access by tourists, so it’s worth a trip whilst on your halal holiday to Turkey. While you’re at the Mosque, go round the building to admire the style of it –  you will notice the different styles that give a clue about its history before its conversion to a Mosque.

If you’re on a halal holiday in Antalya and would like to visit Kesik Minare Mosque, here are the details you’ll need:

Address: Kilincarslan Mahallesi. Cami Sok, Antalya, Turkey.

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