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Lausos Hotel - muslim break
Lausos Hotel

The magnificent hotel which is also referred to as a palace is at the heart of Sisli District. It favorites with a guest who prefers modern facilities. It lies in a lively neighborhood. There are several shops and cafes around to give the guest a local atmosphere. This Hotel is one of the best halal hotels. Located near the various transportation facilities

General information about the hotel

  • The hotel is highly rated. It’s well equipped with modern facilities such as Wi-Fi. The staffs are very welcoming.
  • They are also always eager to give help and directions.
  • However, the rooms are not big with some being poorly lit.
  • The bathrooms are small and with a low shower head.
  • 4-star hotel
  • Check-In: 14:00 (2:00 PM Afternoon)
  • Check-Out: Check-out time is from 11:00-12; 00 (Noontime)
  • Pets are not allowed
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When to go to this destination

If you’re planning to travel for your halal holidays in Turkey the right period to visit is when the sky is clear and the temperature right. The summers are very hot while the winter is cold with snowfall. Between April and May is springtime. September and November is autumn. That’s when the temperature averages 65 degrees Fahrenheit.

How do you get there

The hotel is 20 km away from Ataturk Airport. There are shuttle services that can be organized for pick up and drop off. This comes at an extra fee. The metro is 600 m away for easy access. Its however a walking distance from several attractions.

Plan your Trip

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Things To Do

While in Lausos Hotel, you can visit the several mosques. This includes Blue Mosque and Sultan Ahmed that surround it. There are also cruise ride or visit Hagai Sophia. A walk through the old city of Sultanahmet can be breathtaking. This would be best place to spend halal holidays in Istanbul.

Unique selling points

  • The staff in the hotel is very customer friendly.
  • The safes are big enough.
  • The atmosphere is peaceful and good for sleeping aids.
  • All the attraction areas are a walking distance away
  • They have a great offer when tickets are bought online from their website
  • No Smoking area
  • Excellent kids facilities and services
  • Free buffet breakfast.
  • Early check-in and late check-offs times

Halal facilities

  • The meat is prepared in halal way.
  • There is no alcohol served in the hotel. It is also a pork-free zone.
  • The family room setup at very halal friendly.
  • With so many mosques around, it’s easy to have morning prays.
  • The staffs are very polite and well mannered. There are separate swimming pools for kids and women.

Contact details

Address: Sultan Ahmet Mahallesi, Klodfarer Cd. No:33, 34122 Fatih/İstanbul, Turkey
Telephone: +902126380707.
Fax: +902125184444

See all available rooms and deals in Lausos Hotel


For an enriching Turkish experience, make your reservation at Lausos Palace Hotel. You are assured to receive value for your money. If you’re wondering how to find halal restaurant in Istanbul, then you don’t need to worry as they are everywhere.

You’ve read all about this place and why it meets your halal needs, but if you want to continue with your search, there’s many more to choose from that all cater to those who are after a truly unique halal holiday experience. We have halal hotels, halal resort hotels, halal thermal hotels and even halal villas to choose from!

So, whether you’re looking for family holidays or all inclusive holidays (or both!) there are plenty of halal friendly holidays to choose from on Muslim Break.

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