Masjid Al Huda

Masjid Al Huda

From across the bridge over the rail line of Campi Sportivi, the beauty of Masjid Al Huda can be seen. Masjid Al Huda is a beautiful sight to behold, as a building inspired by post-modern architecture. It has a security post at the entrance and ample extension.

It has a minaret not as high as that of several other Mosques, which is compensated with the size of the praying hall. Masjid Al Huda prayer hall has the capacity to accommodate an estimated 2,500 worshippers at Ju’mah prayers. This Mosque has great importance to the Muslims community in Rome, so if you’re on a halal holiday in Italy, then it’s worth the visit. Its existence is also believed to have great significance to the entire European continent, as a symbol of openness towards Islam.

If you’re on a halal holiday in Rome and would like to visit Masjid Al Huda, here are the details you’ll need:

Via dei Frassini, 4, 00172 Roma RM, Italy

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