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Mood Suites Tritone, Rome, Italy | Muslim Break
Mood Suites Tritone

The city of Rome is full of marvellous and astounding sites which show the history it possesses. Rome is a city of beauty where tourists come and enjoy their fair share of free time in order to fulfil the thirst and glory of adventure and excitement.

Moods Suite Tritone is defined by the term excellence on its work and fine services which it renders. If you happen to visit Rome make sure you stay at Moods Suite Tritone which will fulfil your halal holiday in Italy needs. The hotel is remarkable for the quality of food and even the management itself.  

General Information

  • Office Ratings: 5-star office rating with 9.6-star customer rating
  • Check-in time: after 2 pm
  • Check-out time: Before 11 am  
  • Minimum age requirement: 18 years
  • Restrictions: No pets are allowed in the hotel
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When to go

The best time to visit this remarkable hotel is between Spring and Summer and in Autumn. At these times, the weather is manageable and it’s not as busy, so you can enjoy your halal holiday in Rome.

How to get there

The Rome Ciampino Airport is the closest airport that is available and that can let you reach the hotel in about half hour since its 14.3 km away. Once at the airport, you can book a cab or just take the airport shuttle which will fully accommodate.

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Things to do

There are a lot of things to do in Rome which can be performed while you stay at this Mood Suites Tritone:

  • Large variety of rooms to choose from that have flat screen LCD, private bathrooms, dry cleaning service, maid services etc.
  • Tour guide available to visitors to make them understand the fascinating history that connects the city altogether.
  • Different children services allow your children be taken care of by a babysitter or even the staff of the hotel so that everyone stays satisfied.

Unique selling points

There are a lot of unique selling points with famous monuments:

  • Piazza Barberini is a famous landmark that is known for its historical and multi-diverse links to the society that is just 200 meters away on a three-minute walking distance from the hotel.
  • Trevi fountain is signified monument that reveals a lot about through its just physical appearance that is 500 meters away from the hotel.
  • Other places that include Spanish steps, Church of Santa Susana etc. have a lot of history connected to the roots of this great city.

Halal facilities

The following halal facilities include the hotel:

  • Mosques in Rome are available in nearby places.
  • Halal food will be served to Muslim guests.
  • No smoking policy throughout the hotel.
  • Alcohol will not be served openly to anyone.

Contact Information

  • Phone number:  +390699345401
  • Location: Via Rasella 152, Trevi, 00187 Rome, Italy
See all available rooms and deals in Mood Suites Tritone.

This hotel is remarkable and excellent in both tourism point of view and also for staying purpose. Make sure to stay here to have a memorable time and enjoy it to the fullest.

You’ve read all about this place and why it meets your halal needs, but if you want to continue with your search, there’s many more to choose from that all cater to those who are after a truly unique halal holiday experience. We have halal hotels, halal resort hotels, halal thermal hotels and even halal villas to choose from!

So, whether you’re looking for family holidays or all inclusive holidays (or both!) there are plenty of halal friendly holidays to choose from on Muslim Break.

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