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Mosques in Rome, Italy - Muslim Break
Mosques in Rome

The fourth largest Muslim population in Europe is in Italy. Over the years, prominent cities like Rome served as one of the top destinations for halal holidays in the country. However, the population of Muslims in the country does not reflect in the number of mosques in Italy. Till date, the total number of Mosques intended as detached or standalone buildings are less than 10.

As the demands of halal tourism consistently grow, stakeholders have been up to the task to establish facilities such as halal hotels and restaurants, and of course, prayer houses to balance out the deficit. If you are looking to have your next Muslim holidays in Rome, finding an ideal place to fulfil your religious obligations wouldn’t be a challenge as we’ve complied Mosques near you whilst in Rome:


Finding a place for Islamic worship whilst on your halal holiday in Rome is easy. There are religious institutions and praying houses close to hotels and halal restaurants in Rome. Just check for locations of mosques nearest to your destination. There you are!

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