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The fourth largest Muslim population in Europe is in Italy. Over the years, prominent cities like Rome served as one of the top destinations for halal holidays in the country. However, the population of Muslims in the country does not reflect in the number of mosques in Italy. Till date, the total number of mosques intended as detached or standalone buildings are less than 10. But as the demands of halal tourism consistently grow, stakeholders have been up to the task to establish facilities such as halal hotels and restaurants, and of course, prayer houses to balance out the deficit. If you are looking to have your next Muslim holidays in Rome, finding an ideal place to fulfill your religious obligations wouldn’t be a challenge.

Here are a list of Mosques in Rome:

1. Mosque of Rome

Mosque of Rome (Moschea di Roma in Italian) is the biggest mosque outside the Islamic world, Russia and India. The structure claims a vast 320,000 sq. ft. in the Acqua Acetosa area of Parioli, in the north Rome. The Mosque of Rome accommodates more than 12,000 worshippers at once. Sitting at the top of the list of the Western world’s largest mosques, it is the seat of the Italian Islamic Cultural Centre (Centro Culturale Islamico d’Italia).
The Mosque of Rome is an ideal praying center to tour and observe prayers when on Muslim breaks. Besides the religious purposes it serves, it provides a platform that connects Muslims for social and cultural exchanges and activities such as Nikkah ceremonies, teaching sessions, exhibitions, funeral services, conventions, and various other important events.

Address: Viale della Moschea 85, Rome, Italy 00197
Phone: +39 06 808 2258

Mosque of Rome

2. The El Fath Mosque

El Fath Mosque is an Islamic institution and cultural association. El Fath mosque is situated in a strategic location, an area where a dense population of Muslim faithfuls. In this mosque, worshippers meet to observe all five prayers of the day. The facility also conducts Ju’mah service every Friday. Besides, its religious activities, Arabic and religious courses are also offered for Muslim children. The mosque has separate prayer sections for both men and women, wudu facilities for ladies, rest rooms for both genders, and functioning rooms. In El Fath mosque, services are usually conducted in Arabic.

Address: Via della Magliana, 76, 00149 Roma RM, Italy
Phone: +39 06 559 2451

3. Masjid Al Huda

From across the bridge over the rail line of Campi Sportivi, the beauty of Masjid Al Huda can be seen. The Mosque of Al Huda is such as a beautiful sight to behold, as a building inspired by post-modern architecture. It has a security post at the entrance and ample extension. It has a minaret not as high as that of several other mosques, which is compensated with the size of the praying hall. The Masjid Al Huda prayer hall has the capacity to accommodate an estimated 2,500 worshippers at Ju’mah prayers. This mosque has great importance to the Muslims community in Rome, and Italy. Its existence is also believed to have great significance to the entire European continent, as a symbol of openness towards Islam.

Masjad Al Huda
4. Masjid Cuba

If you are a Muslim Bangladeshi and looking for Mosques in Lazio¸ you just might not need to look further. Quba Mosque is a small, beautiful mosque in the Tor Pignattara area of Lazio in Rome. This area has a dense population of Bangladeshi people and their culture is well represented in the area. The religious and social activities it is being used for is a direct contrast to the size of this modernly designed religious building. This mosque offers all prayers including Ju’mah services. It also has a barrier that separate men form women. It also has restrooms for both genders.
Other non-religious services this mosque offers include:
• Marital services
• Sharia arbitration
• Women’s programming
• Interfaith dialogue
• Homeless services
• Domestic abuse services
• Community service
• Legal services
• Immigration-related services
• Funeral services

Address: Via della Marranella, 68, Rome, Lazio 00176

Masjid Cuba

5. Al Manar Islamic Society

Just like its predecessor on the list, Almana Islamic Society is a mosque situated in an area in the center of Rome close to the Termini station. Its location is predominantly populated by Bangladeshi locals and the mosque is also Bangladeshi-led. This religious institution conducts all prayer sessions including formal Ju’mah. The language of service in this mosque is Arabic. This mosque should be a perfect worship place for Arabs on halal holidays in Rome that are not really exposed to Western cultures. Apart from Bengali services, the mosque doesn’t offer other cultural and social services, probably because of the predominant language used in the institution.

The mosque feature facilities such as:
• Adequate restrooms for both men and women
• Separate praying halls for women
• Function rooms

Address: Al Manar Islamic Society 19, v. Giuseppe Toraldo, Zona Torre Angela Rome 00133 Lazio Italy
Phone: 39 3475180148

Finding a place for Islamic worship whilst on your halal holiday in Rome is easy. There are religious institutions and praying houses close to hotels and halal restaurants in Rome. Just check for locations of mosques nearest to your destination. There you are!

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