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Porto Marina Egypt Hotel & Resort - muslim break
Porto Marina Egypt Hotel & Resort

Porto Marina Egypt Hotel and Resort located in the historical city of Alexandria is the newest halal vacation spot for the elite. The hotel has been constructed at a magnificent spot, imposing a breathtaking view for miles of the Mediterranean waters on its guests. Tourists from all over the world are indulged and pampered in one of the largest and best serviced spas of the country along with infinite entertainment options, such as an 18-hole golf course, cinemas and several water sports. For all the vacationers in need of retail therapy, the shopping arcade is especially stocked up for you! Keeping in mind the needs of Muslims guests and rising preferences of a halal vacation, Porto Marina Egypt Hotel and Resort makes sure it adheres to the requirements of a halal environment.


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General info:

  • Rating: 5 stars
  • Board Basis: All Inclusive ( Breakfast Buffet only, Shuttle to the North Coast, Pools, Sports and Leisure Activities, Kids Club)
  • Open: All year
  • Location: El Alamein, Alexandria, Egypt

How to get there:

If travelling from Europe, Egypt Air, British Airlines or various low-cost airlines fly from most main European capitals’ airports. There are, however, other airlines you can book with, if you’d be willing to fly with one or two stops.

Nearest city: Alexandria, Egypt (1 hour); Cairo, Egypt (3 hours)

  • Nearest International Airport:
  1. Alexandria (HBE) Borj El Arab airport, 50 km (40 min)
  2. Cairo (CAI), 240 km (3 hours)

Plan your Trip

Flights to El Alamein from £150

Book cheap car rental from £13

Book your travel insurance from £8

Private airport taxi from £30

Things to do in Alexandria, Egypt

Experience the marriage of Hellenistic, Egyptian and Islamic tradition in one place. Alexandria was once the cradle of knowledge and intellect in the ancient times, but its glory is still alive. Visit the Montaza Palace, the Citadel and well as the Library. Take a walk by the main port and breathe the Mediterranean air. Feel connected to the Past of human civilisation.

Unique Selling Points:

  • Largest and best equipped spa in Egypt with pampering staff
  • Off-site Activities: Diving,Surfing, Snorkeling,Fishing,18 hole golf course, Horseback riding, Paint ball, Wreck diving, Off-site private beach, water sports & jet skis, Al Alamein museum
  • Rooms with balconies overlooking the Mediterranean waters
  • Delectable selection of restaurants, snacks and beverage bars including Pool Bar, Porto Island Beach, South Beach, Rio Grill, Mediterrano Restaurant, La Gondala Restaurant, La Gondala Terrace, Lobby Lounge, In Room Dining, Sky Lounge
  • Indoor and Outdoor Pools; specially heated pools for children
  • Sports & Leisure Activities: Usually include yacht trips and sail boats, fishing, volleyball, basketball, football, handball, tennis, water sports and jet skis
  • Entertainment: Cinemas, concerts and bands, animation program, billiards, shopping arcade, park

Halal Facilities:

  • Separate pool areas and spa facilities for men and women
  • Non-alcoholic halal environment
  • Sky Lounge open for women only from 10:00-18:00
  • 100% privacy guaranteed in women only areas

The Porto Marina Egypt Hotel and Resort is the perfect getaway to be enjoyed with friends or family in a completely halal environment!


Address: North Coast, Alexandria Governorate NC, Egypt
Phone:  +20 46 4452711


See all available rooms and deals in Porto Marina Hotel & Resort

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