Sokullu Pasa Hotel

Tired of spending holidays in the same hotels every time, Sokullu Pasa Hotel Istanbul located just a few minutes from the Old city the hotel offers you amazing and comfortable rooms for you to stay as you relax and enjoy the amazing sites and activities to do in the city of Istanbul. The hotel is surrounded by amazing restaurants who offer halal cuisines to enjoy if you are visiting for halal holidays. Book your spot today and make your next halal holiday in Turkey worth to remember full of great memories.

General information

  • Official ratings: 4-star hotel
  • Check-in: from 14:00 hours
  • Check out: from 12:00 hours
  • Minimum age requirement: the minimum check-in age is 18 years and above.
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When to go to this destination

Due to being located at the heart of Istanbul’s historic district it is advisable to visit the hotel from the month of May to September where weather conditions are suitable for you to explore the city and have fun during your stay at the hotel.

How to get there

Ataturk airport is the nearest airport where the hotel offers airport transfers either pickup services or even drop off services when you are leaving.

Plan your Trip

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Things to do

  • For its amazing location you can visit major historic sites like the Istanbul Archaeology Museum and have an amazing site seeing.
  • Enjoy the amazing view of the Marmara-sea as you just relax on the garden terrace at the hotel.
  • Visit the different restaurants as you enjoy the amazing cuisines they offer.

Unique selling points

  • Strategically located near major landmarks thus attracting tourists at the hotel.
  • Clean and modern fitted hotel with great restaurant and coffee shop and free Wi-Fi
  • Includes a business center where you can have conferences or business meetings.
  • Offers airport transfers facilities pickups and even drop-offs.

Halal facilities

  • Food served at this property is Halal
  • No private pool for women is available
  • Alcohol is not served
  • Surrounded by mosques which include blue mosque and Sulaymaniyah which are just a few minutes from the hotel.

Contact details

Address: Kucuk Ayasofya Mah. Sehit Mehmet Pasa Sk. No: 3/ 34400 Sultanahmet, Istanbul/ Turkey
Telephone: +90 212 518 1790-91-92
Fax: +90212 518 1793

See all available rooms and deals in Sokullu Paşa Hotel


Make your halal holidays in Istanbul memorable by visiting the Sokullu Pasa hotel Istanbul and create memories with great site seeing in the historic town of Istanbul as you relax at the hotel. Book today and stay at the Sokullu Pasa hotel Istanbul and have a fill of comfort and you will definitely fell at home with the amazing amenities offered.

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