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The Britannia Hotel - Rome, Italy | Muslim Break
The Britannia Hotel

This halal hotel gives classical view of Italy, with the serene music playing in the background and the streets full of the crowds willing to amaze the people. The very heart of Italy places it is most wonderful of the impressions and the serenity that comes within which is Rome. Rome is an excellent place to travel and visit with your family and the loved ones where you can cherish and delight yourself with the everlasting feast of memories.

The Britannia Hotel is the most exquisite place to stay if one wishes to have all the delights and wonders of the beautiful city. The hotel offers many of the facilities that will accommodate you through your stay here in the city of Rome and spend halal holidays in Italy.

General Information

  • Ratings: 5-star 
  • Minimum Age requirements: 18 years
  • Check-in time: After 2 pm
  • Check-out time: before 11 am
  • Restrictions: Pet is not allowed in the hotel
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When to go

The best tourist season to visit this amazing place is before summers and before the winters. The crowd is mostly less on these occasions and it will benefit in the hotel rates and the crowd control that exists there as the weather is mild at this time here in the city to spend halal holidays in Rome.

How to get there

Rome Ciampino Airport is the closest airport that is just 13.9 km away from the hotel and from there you can take the airport shuttle service to accommodate you on your to the hotel. The cab service is also available that will charge reasonable and facilitate you a lot.

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Private airport taxi from £13

Things to do

As visiting this place for the first time, there are a number of things which can be done here:

  • You can enjoy the hotel room services which facilitate the customers with things like comfortable beds, balcony view, flat screen TV and lots more.
  • Also, there is dine-in room service by the hotel which has a range of amazing food to fill your desires to the fullest.
  • The hotel also offers a bar and even a sit-in newspaper reading room where you can sit and enjoy yourself.

Unique selling points

There are also a lot of unique selling points here such as:

  • Teatro dell’Opera di Roma is one of the famous theatres of the city of Rome which is just two minutes away from your location and has a variety of set performances.
  • The National Museum of Rome is also available that makes one enjoy and get comfortable with the history that embeds the city.

Halal Facilities

The hotel also offers some halal facilities which include:

  • Prohibition of smoking in the hotel
  • Alcohol serves which are done exclusively to the customers not openly
  • Mosques in Rome which is just around the corner of the street of the hotel

Contact Information

  • Location: Via Napoli 64, Central Station, 00184 Rome, Italy
  • Phone Number: +39064883153


See all available rooms and deals in The Britannia Hotel.

The place is one of a kind to visit and The Britannia Hotel will make sure you feel at home with them by providing the excellence which you deserve. You’ve read all about this place and why it meets your halal needs, but if you want to continue with your search, there’s many more to choose from that all cater to those who are after a truly unique halal holiday experience. We have halal hotels, halal resort hotels, halal thermal hotels and even halal villas to choose from!

So, whether you’re looking for family holidays or all inclusive holidays (or both!) there are plenty of halal friendly holidays to choose from on Muslim Break.

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