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Things to do in Antalya | Things to do near me in Antalya | Muslim Break
Things to do in Antalya

Things to do in Antalya

Indulge in the heaven of nature featuring 400 miles long sandy pristine beaches, decorated with magnificent waterfalls or to the other end of the spectrum – the wealth of history in Antalya ensures an enjoyed trip for all! Whether you’re travelling as a couple, single or with your family, the list of things to do whilst on your halal holiday in Antalya are endless. Catch a glimpse below.

Beaches in Antalya

The highlight of your trip will most likely be the beaches. Warm aqua-blue waters are supported by rays of sunshine to add to its beauty. Sandy shores make it perfect for the kids – who doesn’t want to make a sandcastle? If the resort experience is what you’re looking for, the coastline is flooded with five-star resorts and halal hotels with swimming pools, indoor activities and much more.  What makes the beaches more appealing- the thrill of the water sports such as Waterskiing, Kayaking, banana boat rides – these are just some of the facilities many water sport centres offer. To add to the beauty, wait till you get to see the waterfalls- astonishing clear blue waters gushing against the rocks beneath. Truly a breathtaking site! You definitely will not want to miss the Düden Waterfalls and the Kurşunlu Waterfall Nature Park.

Historical sights in Antalya

Since the beaches may not be every person’s cup of tea, your days can be spent visiting some of Antalya’s famous historical sites and ruins. Take a trip down the historical district of Kaleiçi featuring old tradition Ottoman houses which are now hotels and boutiques. Its architecture predominantly dates back to the Ottoman period, however its walls from the Roman times. Along the old city walls stands the Hidirilik tower shadowing over Kaleiçi’s harbor.

Antalya’s Archaeological museum, from the largest museums of Turkey, is a must for the historians. You’ll find a wealth of objects – a couple of thousand- some dating back to five thousand years. You will also find a small section of the museum dedicated to Ottomans – their traditional costumes, carpets and tiles, weapons, manuscripts and much more. If the children are with you, rest assured! Another section of the museum is specially prepared for the young visitors – miniature models of the important monuments of Turkey are displayed and the children can see the ruins of the ancient cities.

Shopping in Antalya

Shopping is a must add to your to do list! In Antalya you can find the best of both modern and traditional shopping outlets. The top rated and largest shopping mall in Antalya-  TerraCity – is home to over 150 stores that sell both designer and local brands. Some you will certainly be familiar with! Similarly, MarkAntalya shopping Centre is also worth a visit. For a unique experience rich in culture and tradition, the Antalya Bazaar offers many traditional items- leather goods, handmade crafts, Turkish sweets and baklava, and is mainly known for selling jewellery. Whether you want to take back a souvenir for friends and family or shop for their unique products, this Bazaar is the place. Halal food is readily available within and around these outlets, perfect for shoppers who are there for hours.

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