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Things to do in Dalaman | Things to do near me in Dalaman | Muslim Break
Things to Do In Dalaman

Things to Do In Dalaman

Dalaman is a small farming town that is increasingly becoming a popular destination, especially for foreign tourists. Located along the South West coast of Turkey, in Mugla Province, Dalaman has continued to expand as a holiday destination even for Muslims who continue to seek innovation while searching for destinations for an all-inclusive halal holiday. Because it has a lot of beautiful highlights, there are lots of things to do in Dalaman. Ranging from adventures, explorations, cuisines to relaxation. You can make your holiday exactly how you have dreamt it in this city!

Dalaman Beaches

No doubt, the beaches in Dalaman are one of the reasons for the visits of tourists. Ölüdeniz Beach is one of several stunning beaches located within Dalaman. It offers a mile of beautiful sand, soft and golden. Ölüdeniz Beach is also home to an expanse of clear and warm water surrounded by pebbles. The attraction is called the Blue Lagoon. A lot of water sports and activities take place in Dalaman beaches, including activities like snorkelling, scuba diving, and swimming. You can also decide to relax and get a sunbath while watching others engage in a variety of sports. You will also find one of the world’s rarest creatures in some of the beaches. The creatures are called loggerhead turtles. For this reason, do not fail to go with a camera.

The Dalyan Delta

There are a thousand reasons why you should visit The Dalyan Delta. One of them, perhaps the most important reason is the amazing tombs carved into the rocks. The tombs are where the Kings of Caunos were laid to rest and they were built in the Lycian rock tomb style. You will be fascinated as you take time out to observe the efforts the builders put into keeping the tombs in place in the cliff. Opting for a boat ride will help you see them clearly. However, you should consider getting off the boat and exploring some more on foot. It will be worth the time, to tour around the delta and see animals you probably haven’t seen before, such as the storks, the heron, and other birds. There are also empty beaches with sands that are almost untouched. There, you can lay back and take in the peace and quiet of the environment.

Dine in Kalkan

On the narrow streets of Kalkan, you will find lots of traditional restaurants that serve local Turkish food, and yes, halal. Because of its closeness to the sea, fresh fish is a speciality here. The local farms also supply fresh produce and ingredients to the restaurants. You will always have a wide range of options to choose from. The local Turkish delicacies will make your taste buds come alive—they are always delicious and healthily prepared. You also get a good view of the bay, since it is close to the sea. Good food plus good view equals a happy tourist. Don’t forget to empty your bowels before visiting this area as you will never run out of things to desire.

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