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Villa Esma Malta - muslim break
Villa Esma Malta

Villa Esma is the perfect get-away for a halal vacation in the historic and, simultaneously, exotic island of Gozo, Malta.

A charming farmhouse, with magnificent views of ancient fortresses and some of the world’s oldest religious sites, Villa Esma promises a most comfortable stay at the rural island for the wanderlust tourist. Orange-red sands and perfectly suited snorkeling waters make Gozo a must-visit for beach lovers and the adventurists; Villa Esma caters to the needs of halal vacation seekers through their promise of seclusion and privacy. Situated very close to the island’s capital, guests have easy access to the local market and explore the city’s wonders.


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General Info:

  • Rating: Rated  3 stars
  • Board Basis: Self-service (fully equipped kitchen)
  • Open: All year round
  • Location: Gozo, Malta
  • Nearest City: Victoria

When to go:

The best to go is in the summer season April- October so as to enjoy the deep-sea water, exotic beach and wander the island without feeling chilly.

How to get there:

Gozo, Malta is accessible by air through international flights at the Malta Airport (located on the island Malta). From there, tourists take a ferry boat or a water taxi to Gozo and transfer by road (bus or rented car) to Villa Esma.

-Nearest International Airport: Malta Airport (20-minute ferry ride/ water taxi from Gozo)

Things to do

Besides its attraction of the orange sand beach, warming sun, beautiful waters and rugged terrain, Gozo is an ancient archaeological site with some of the world’s richest historical temples and citadels. Some places that are not to be missed while vacationing on this dreamy island include picturesque bays, saltpans, hiking on the hills and centuries-old churches. Villa Esma ensures a most comfortable stay on this wonderfully secluded island.

Unique Selling Points:

  •  Amenities in the villa: 3 air-conditioned bedrooms, 2 en-sutie showers, 1 main bathroom, washing machine, hairdryer, microwave, satellite TV, DVD player, terraces at the back and front of the villa,  Wi-Fi, beautiful courtyard, large deck for sunbathing and barbecue
  • Swimming Pools: private pool with an extra bedroom in the pool area
  • Local market in the capital city for everyday necessities
  • Amazing view of mountains and fortresses

Halal Facilities:

Villa Esma’s seclusion is its most important halal aspect. It is hidden away from prying eyes and allows women to enjoy the outdoors and nature freely without any inhibitions on the premises


See all available dates in Villa Esma Malta

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