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Top Muslim Holiday Destinations

No matter how much you may love travelling my Muslim friend, not all places in the world offer halal meat. If you want to follow the Holy Norms even during your holidays, below are the top Muslim Holiday Destinations for you to consider before booking your flights.

A few years ago it was just Muslim countries that were seen as main halal holiday destinations, but we’re slowly starting to see many European countries emerging as big players in the industry. In spite of the negative publicity that often Muslims receive in European countries, their tourism sector interestingly enough is becoming more and more Muslim friendly.

Some of the most Muslim-friendly countries in the world are:


Malaysia halal holidayMalaysia definitely tops the rankings of top halal friendly destinations in the world. Halal holidays in Malaysia can be experienced in a unique way by Muslim tourists. The country’s incomparable historical and cultural heritage as well as their ‘expertise’ in halal hospitality, sets Malaysia in the first position among the top Muslim holidays destinations.


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Turkey halal holiday

Turkey has two big unique selling points in the halal tourism industry; it is a Muslim country and at the same time a leader in the global hospitality industry. Who can possibly offer you a better service for your halal holidays, than the Turks? Definitely a must-visit country for Muslim holidays.



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United Arab Emirates Halal HolidayAs one of the strongest economies in the Middle East, United Arab Emirates have an outstanding halal tourism infrastructure. Not only is it a country that the holy norms are adopted by the Law, but also the luxury that the Emirati tourism offers is simply phenomenal.



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Morocco Halal HolidayA Muslim country yet with a lot of central European elements, Morocco is one of the most popular destinations not just for Muslims but for the whole world too. Where modernity and intellect meet traditional Islam, Muslim visitors can have an unforgettable experience in Morocco.



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Spain Halal HolidayOnce conquered by the Arabs, Spain is still one of the top Muslim-friendly countries in Europe. The country chose to keep many Islamic elements in its art and culture, embedded in the contemporary Spanish tradition. Interestingly enough, a Mosque doesn’t look at all foreign in Andalusia. The Spanish Government soon realised that Muslims can have a second home in Europe, thus they started developing the halal tourism sector.

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Malta Halal HolidayCould the land of the Knights, symbol of the Western European culture, be considered a halal holiday destination? And yet, because of the island’s geographical proximity with the Northern African Muslim countries as well as the Gulf countries, it has lately attracted much interest from Muslim tourists. This created a basic level of infrastructure for halal tourism facilities, particularly when it comes to Villas, that they offer Muslim couples and families the privacy they need.

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Egypt Halal HolidayAnother North African country, other than Morocco, that is exceptionally popular among Muslim tourists, due to its immense historical and cultural heritage, but also its luxury. Egypt is a must-visit for Muslims who want to experience and explore this marriage between the Ancient Egyptian civilisation and traditional Islam. Apart from cultural holidays, Egypt as one of the top halal holiday destinations in the world, offers a wide range of halal hotels and resorts.

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